AGIL GmbH Leipzig

AGIL GmbH Leipzig
Enterprise Europe Network
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04109 Leipzig
Lessingstraße 2
contact name
Tobias Espig
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contact telephone
0341-268266-33 / 0160-705 3851

getting to know SMEs and research institutions in Saxony, Poland and Czech Republic


transfer topics

• SMEs can benefit from academic research and technology
• We provide contacts of a large network of SMEs and research institutions in Saxony
• We provide support for technology and knowledge transfer processes
• Making contacts regarding partners (SMEs, academia) for new research and development activities
• Identification of trends in relevant sectors and development of strategies on how to make use of them effectively
• We have an interdisciplinary network consisting of companies, research institutions, universities and colleges.
• We support you in the exchange and in finding partners.
• You will receive advice on appropriate funding for your project.
• We provide information and advice on current technologies and trends.
• We are independent