Pharmaceutical preparations for use in treatment of viral hepatitis c

The subject of this offer is an invention in the form of: (i) a group of compounds – peptide derivatives of diaryl esters of 1—aminoalkylphosphonic acids that can be used as inhibitors of NS3/4A protease expressed by a human HCV, (ii) pharmaceutical composition with the use of the above mentioned compounds, (iii) application of a group of compounds in preventive treatment and the therapy of viral hepatitis C.

The use of inhibitors of an irreversible inhibition mechanism in the treatment of viral hepatitis C allows for efficient and successful improvement of a therapy by, among others, shortening the time of medicine administration and therapy reduction to administering only one medicine.

The invention has been submitted to the Patent Office for legal protection.

The compounds have been tested and received positive results with regard to their activity affecting HCVproteases.


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